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Macro photos of arthropods
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Harpocera thoracica Harpocera thoracica ♂ imago
Plant bugs, Leaf bugs, Grass bugs
Kirchseeon / Zorneding, Germany, 2010-05-08
Crambus lathionellus (=C. pratella, C. nemorella, C. nemorellus) Crambus lathionellus (=C. pratella, C. nemorella, C. nemorellus) ♀ imago
Pyralid moths
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2006-06-24
Orellia tussilaginis Orellia tussilaginis ♀ imago
Greater fruit flies
Kirchseeon / Eglharting, Germany, 2008-07-20
Scarabaeidae larva
Dung beetles
Weil der Stadt, Germany, 2006-12-30
Tryphoninae imago
Ichneumon wasps
Wiesaztal b. Gönningen, alter Steinbruch, Germany, 2011-05-07
Ceratophysella sigillata Ceratophysella sigillata
Snow flea
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2006-04-01
Amilenus aurantiacus (?) Amilenus aurantiacus (?)
Daddy longlegs – Red list: D:Rrare or geographic restriction
Kaiserbach, Naunspitze b. Kufstein, Austria, 2010-06-05
Carterocephalus palaemon (=Pamphila p., Pamphilia p.) Carterocephalus palaemon (=Pamphila p., Pamphilia p.) imago
Darters, Skippers – Red list: D:VvulnerableBw:Vvulnerable
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2007-05-10
Hemipenthes morio Hemipenthes morio imago
Bee flies
Rutesheim, Germany, 2008-07-10
Hypophloeus unicolor (=Corticeus u.) Hypophloeus unicolor (=Corticeus u.) imago
Darkling beetles
Kirchseeon / Eglharting, Germany, 2007-05-13
Capsodes gothicus Capsodes gothicus imago
Plant bugs, Leaf bugs, Grass bugs
Kochartgraben b. Reusten, Germany, 2011-05-11
Agriotes pilosellus (?) Agriotes pilosellus (?) imago
Click beetles
Kirchseeon / Zorneding, Germany, 2007-05-27
Metellina segmentata (=Meta s.) Metellina segmentata (=Meta s.) ♀♂ adult
Orb stretch spiders
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2005-10-23
Micropterix rothenbachii Micropterix rothenbachii ♀♂ imago
Mandibulate archaic moths
Urselberg b. Pfullingen / Schwäbische Alb, Germany, 2010-05-24
Endopterygota larva
With complete metamorphosis
Kirchseeon, Lipplacke, Germany, 2006-10-08
Apidae sensu lato imago
Weil der Stadt, Germany, 2006-08-02
Coenagrion puella Coenagrion puella ♂ imago
Pond damsels
Kirchseeon, Lipplacke, Germany, 2008-06-23
Hypochrysa elegans Hypochrysa elegans imago
Green lacewings – Red list: D:VvulnerableBy:Vvulnerable
Glastal inkl. Bärenhöhle, Glashöhle, Schweiftal, Digelfeld b. Hayingen / Schwäbische Alb, Germany, 2011-05-21
Evarcha arcuata (=E. marcgravi) Evarcha arcuata (=E. marcgravi) ♀ adult
Salticine division
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2006-05-25
Bradybatus fallax Bradybatus fallax imago
Weevils, Snout beetles
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2006-05-20
Yponomeuta plumbella Yponomeuta plumbella imago
Ermine moths
Zorneding, Germany, 2005-07-17
Tenthredinoidea larva
Common sawflies (Sawflies)
Kirchseeon, Germany, 2006-09-16
Colias sp. Colias sp. imago
Yellows, Sulphers
Kirchseeon, Lipplacke, Germany, 2008-10-05
Ranatra linearis Ranatra linearis imago
Kirchseeon, Lipplacke, Germany, 2007-09-29
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Arthropods position in the tree of life is: Eukaryotes -> Opisthokonts -> Metazoa (Animals) -> Bilateria -> Ecdysozoa -> Arthropoda. Please treat all classifications with care, especially the ones marked (?). I'm not an entomologist and in general all classifications were done using my photos and the ➚literature available to me. In some cases the identifications have been checked and if necessary corrected by experts in their specific fields, where this was the case this has been noted in the text below the photos. Due to the lack of exact descriptions of species this website cannot be used as sole base for classifications. No animals were harmed while making the photos shown on this website.
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